Questioning Existence

by Simone

Sooner than later, we won’t be living on this earth anymore and the only thing people will remember us by is the impact we had on their lives or what we did. To make any difference is making A difference! Everyday I think of the things I want to do in life and most importantly who I want to grow to be! I see a lot of people making a living doing nothing at all. They go about life with no dreams no aspirations, no desire to ever be in a better place than where they are, OR are satisfied with being someone they aren’t. Going through the motions. Why is that? This doesn’t give your mind space to pursue other things. With so much to absorb, so much to do, we learn to find shortcuts and become less attentive to the world around us. To the people around us. To the endless possibilities we have right in front of us. I think developing a passion, a way to express yourself will help you find your way and your meaning of life. My passion is writing. My hearts desire is to touch at least one persons life with my writing, and I’m confident I’ll get there! For some music is their passion, publicly speaking, etc. Don’t leave this earth being seen as β€œalso lived.” Instead, desire and dream to be a person who has left their mark and changed the world in some way for the good. I admire people who strive for greatness, who have a drive and passion that no one can break! That’s most attractive to ME! I’ve learned that It is the understanding of the ways and purposes of God FIRST that enables us to live and conduct ourselves worthy of Him. Why? because His truth gives us purpose when we can’t truly see ourselves.